Smart exchange system
Understanding the purpose – understanding the customer
What thoughts are on your mind when you hear the word conference?
Knowledge, confidence, sensibility. Something undiscovered, something valuable, something ... Full of meaning. What forms and images are covered under it in your head?
Every conference looks simple, even if there are huge problems with an equipment or staff.
Every event includes lots of preparation processes and this is exactly what we are coming to.
Simple outside/Extremely complex inside

Even with all the fluctuations inside, we show that it's easy for the team to "circle" it.
Geometry in logo details.
Universal Consulting Team Blockchain is a company that organizes events, workshops, educational seminars and conferences related to blockchain technologies, start-ups and cryptocurrencies.
Brand business card
Nope, guys. It's not a real employee, don't even try to contact him.
And also don`t send money to this Dmitry Eremin. He`s not real. Believe us.